Finished Your Manuscript? Now What? Choose One of My Magical Services!

I know that editing can be an emotional experience. Please know the errors that are in your manuscript are not a reflection on your abilities as a writer. All writers need their work edited. It would be impossible to take the wonderful story you have created in your brain and translate it to paper perfectly on the first draft. My goal is to get inside your brain and fix the errors without changing the voice or style of your story. My process is a very communicative one, and if there is ever anything you feel unsure of, please reach out to me. I offer complimentary sample edits of 1,000 words! Not sure which type of editing you need? Contact me and we will figure it out together!


Have a professional look at the style and grammar of your manuscript! Line editing is my favorite kind of editing! It is a deep dive into your manuscript that really gets into the style, craft, and beauty of language. It looks at word choice, tone, syntax, and clarity, all the while preserving the author’s voice. I will work to improve weak word choices, to eliminate clichés and jargon, and to ensure the correct tone is conveyed. I will address pacing and flow, remove repetitive (crutch) words and phrases, listen for natural sounding dialogue, and help create parallelism. You will receive a marked up manuscript with queries and explanations for the suggestions I made.


Have a professional take an initial look at your manuscript!
I will read your manuscript through both a reader’s and a professional’s lens. I will provide you with a 7-10 page report telling you exactly what works and what has room for growth. My report will address plot, characters, dialogue, settings, story arc, pacing, and more! If you have specific questions I will address those as well. You will also receive in-line comments with my reactions as I read.


Have a professional examine the nitty-gritty details of your manuscript! If you are ready for copyediting, your manuscript is almost ready for publication! Here is where I look for grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, wordiness, misused words, etc., while ignoring the big picture; because, that has been fixed earlier on in the process. I will also make note of any instances in deviation from your voice.


Have a professional take a final-look at your manuscript!
This is the final step before your manuscript is ready for publication. In proofreading I am looking for any lingering errors or typos.


Have your manuscript professionally formatted to match your style! This service is available as both an add-on to your pre-existing editing service and as a stand-alone service. There are three tiers to choose from.

Tier One- Stand Alone- $75 Add On- $60

This is the least-custom formatting option. I will format your manuscript without any custom images, using those available within my software.

Tier Two- Stand Alone- $100 Add On- $85

Tier two has some customization to it. The author provides their own custom chapter titles or section breaks, and the other will be created using my software. 

Tier Three- Stand Alone- $175 Add On- $150

This is the most custom option yet. The author provides their own custom chapter title images and section break images. 

Interested in other customizations such as full-page images? Contact me for a personalized quote! 

“Ms. Hudec is professional, straight-forward, and a joy to work with. She not only caught all spelling, species, and punctuation errors, one version after another, she gave me confidence my book did not suck.”

-K. A. Rasa, author of Ailan World

Every Good Project Should Begin with a Conversation

That’s why I always offer free consultations and a free 1,000-word sample edit. Contact me to set up a chat!

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