Leave Your Readers Spellbound With My Expert Editing Services!

Magical manuscripts are those that have not only been thoroughly edited, but have also been gushed over, constructively critiqued, and investigated. I pride myself on delving deep to fully understand your world, as well as having a very open communication policy with you. I welcome the back and forth discussion over plot, characters, world building, magic systems, and dialogue.

Services Offered:

Line Editing
Manuscript Evaluation
Positivity Reading

Meet Your New Editor

Hi! My name is Heather. I am a quirky, caring, creative editor living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When I work on your project, I will adopt you and your story, giving your story as much care as I would my own. I consider myself your personal cheerleader and love to shout from the rooftops how amazing you are. I am excited to help make your manuscript magical!

“Aside from the actual edits, she provided a plethora of feedback and offered a trained, objective eye to not only spelling, grammar, and usage, but also plot, character development, and style. Her detailed work shows her passion for the subject matter, and not only that, but she treats manuscripts with the same care and love as the author. It was truly delightful to see her become as invested in the story and characters as me. ”

-H.A. Flynn, author of These Whispering Woods

“She provided enthusiastic and specific encouragement for the aspects of my manuscript that she enjoyed and thoughtful, kind, actionable feedback on the areas for improvement. Her feedback was structured in a way that I could clearly understand why she was providing the notes and why they were important. “

-Sarah Lindsay, author of The Weaver’s Wind

Every Good Project Should Begin with a Conversation

That’s why I always offer free consultations and a free 1,000-word sample edit. Contact me to set up a chat!

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